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The Ruger LCP II is a lightweight, compact, single action, magazine fed, recoil-operated pistol. The LCP II incorporates a “link-less” barrel, an alloy steel slide, and a glass fiber reinforced nylon grip with an aluminum insert. The strong locked breech action of the Ruger LCP II utilizes a tilting barrel design in which the barrel and slide are locked together at the moment of firing.



  • Lite Rack system includes refined slide serrations, pronounced cocking ears and a lighter recoil spring, allowing for easy slide manipulation.
  • Low recoil for comfortable training. Optimized to function with high-velocity ammunition.
  • With a patent-pending floorplate assembly, the magazine offers a very compact 10+1 capacity, extends the grip for improved control and retains the LCP II’s popular last-round hold open function.
  • Manual safety is oriented in a push-forward-to-fire configuration that is instinctive and unobtrusive.
  • Compact and lightweight, the LCP II is designed to fit a variety of holsters.
  • Textured grip frame provides a secure and comfortable grip. Larger grip frame surface provides better distribution of recoil forces.
  • Fixed front and rear sights are integral to the slide, while the hammer is recessed within the slide.
  • Rugged construction with through-hardened steel slide and one-piece, high-performance, glass-filled nylon grip frame.
  • Utilizes Ruger’s safe, reliable and proven Secure Action fire-control system that combines a protected internal hammer with a bladed-safety trigger. The trigger has a short, smooth pull, clean break and positive reset.
  • Additional safety features include a magazine disconnect; neutrally balanced sear with significant engagement and strong spring tension; and hammer catch to help prevent the hammer from contacting the firing pin unless the trigger is pulled.
  • Satin, stainless steel barrel.
  • Accepts all existing LCP II accessories with the exception of magazines chambered in .380 Auto.
  • Also includes: one magazine and magazine loader.

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Made In United States of America




Product Information

Cartridge 22 Long Rifle
Capacity 10+1 Round
Weight 11.2 Ounce
Barrel Length 2.75 Inches
Action Type Semi-Automatic
Trigger Type Striker
Safety Thumb/Trigger
Threaded Muzzle No
Barrel Finish Stainless
Front Sight Blade
Rear Sight Notch
Frame Material Polymer
Grip Material Polymer
Frame Finish Black
Magazine Quantity 1
Slide Finish Flat Dark Earth
Grip Style Textured
Grip Color Black
Country of Origin United States of America


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